About Us

IMS is the MOST EXPERIENCED Rain Gutter Supplier
in the Western United States

Established in 1989, I.M.S. is the Oldest and the most experienced Rain Gutter Supply Company in Southern California, with a Management Team consisting of a highly trained and experienced Metallurgy expert, a Licensed General Contractor, and a Licensed Rain Gutter / Sheet Metal Contractor; all who have experience in all areas of running a Rain Gutter / Sheet Metal Installation Company.

I.M.S.’s Quality of Service is unmatched. We provide Timely, Friendly, Personal and Professional attention to each of our customers.

We make your Business more Valuable by utilizing Superior Quality Products that will save you Time and Money.

I.M.S. delivers 5 days a week, and our delivery trucks leave for your locations before our competitors even open for business.

rain gutter supply

We are the only gutter supplier that has a
primer coat on all aluminum coil & downspouts


Benefits of Choosing I.M.S. for your rain gutter supplies

  • I.M.S. uses a NexGen Paint System for all Rain Gutter and Downspout products. First the bare metal passes through a cleaning station to remove surface contaminants and oils. The metal is then pretreated in a Chromate Bath that provides protection against corrosion and creates a molecular bond between metal and paint. All I M S coils then receive a primer to improve paint adhesion and to maintain control over the finish color. Top – Coats are painted over the primer, with each coat baking in separate ovens to fully cure. Because it is applied by rollers, not sprayers, paint is never airborne, eliminating waste and pollution, and allowing for a more uniformed paint thickness
  • I.M.S. stocks 33 colors of Aluminum, in 11 7/8” and 15” widths. We also stock 16 oz. Copper in ½ Hard and ¾ Hard.
  • I.M.S. Rain Gutter Coil is a true .027” and .032” ,3105 H 14 Alloy Aluminum. Our 2” x 3” and 3” x 4” corrugated Downspouts are manufactured in – house from .019” Aluminum, our 2” x 3” smooth Downspouts from .027”, and our 3” round Downspouts from .024”. You can feel the difference in quality between I M S and our competitors.
  • I.M.S. will meet your needs for Custom elbows and offsets. We are the only company in California that produces In- House their own 2” x 3”, 3” x 4” and 3” round downspouts.
  • I.M.S. stocks more Rain Gutter accessories than any other supplier in Southern California.
  • Our Entire line of Products is painted in the U.S.A. We are a  Pro American Company.
  • I.M.S. does not compete with their Customers. We do not do run outs. We are independently owned and not part of any large Corporation that gives their own Installation Company pricing at Cost.
  • I.M.S. packages all your materials with care and consideration. Whether it is a will call order or a delivery order, your materials will arrive installation ready.
  • I.M.S. is also expanding our stock of .032” – 11.875 “and 15” Gutter Coil. This is the perfect gauge Aluminum Coil if you want to stand out among your Competitors. It is a superior coil for Custom Profiles.